About DT

Dumptackle Rugby Blog was created on a whim in early 2012 and has since become a real labour of love.

For the moment, it is predominantly written by myself, Phil Bailey, but I welcome any budding writers getting in contact, should they wish to have their views heard by a wider audience. Don't be shy!

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of the site as I do as it only exists because of my fascination with the game of rugby union. 

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About the Editor:

I was born and bred in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E) but moved to Exeter in Devon (England) after a decade in the 'desert'. Due to my parents' heritage, my loyalties are split between New Zealand and England. Push comes to shove though, it's All Blacks all the way! As any Kiwi knows, the indoctrination starts early....

As for club rugby, my links are with the Auckland Blues. The Exeter Chiefs get a look-in too though, due to the fact that I'm only a stones throw away from Sandy Park. I wish I could say I slipped through the net on the field but in all honesty, my talents lie elsewhere!


  1. Good on ya mate, theres a space for this type of blog which seems to be semi neutral. Ive been a visitor of the Green and Gold page(where I followed a link to this site so go hard and promote it everywhere you can) as to get amongst the rugby conversations happening outside of my own country. Go Manu Samoa!!

    1. Thanks very much. Greetings to Manu Samoa!

  2. Keep it up Phil. Site's looking great.

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  4. Great work, love the site - keep it going!