9 Jan 2013

Rugby vs Football - Comparison by numbers

Let's keep this simple. What's better, rugby union or football?

Most rugby fans have at some point or another taken part in a lively 'rugby union vs football' debate at a local publican, especially if you live in the UK, where both sports enjoy huge popularity.

For me there is no denying the beauty that can be found in either game on a purely sporting level. Artistry and athleticism are aplenty on both fields. The main difference lies in the 'spirit in which the game is played' (and supported). I'm not breaking new ground either by saying that increased commercialism in football has had an unquestionably perverse impact on the attitude of it's main actors from grass roots upwards too.

Perhaps it's for that reason (and maybe a few others too) that the likes of Richie McCaw, Chris Robshaw and Sam Warburton seem all the more approachable than say a young buck playing in his debut season for QPR, despite their superior fame.

I personally will probably never abandon either sport, but it's always interesting to compare some key statistics and that is exactly what one Dumptackle reader did. Step forward into the limelight....Adam Dodge, who created the beautiful infographic below. I hope you find it as fascinating as I did.

   Rugby vs Football


  1. What a brilliant infographic.

    TWO Things to take from this.

    One. I had no idea Wayne Rooney earned soo much bloody money and secondly I had no idea http:/www.canterbury.com produced work like this. Hats off to them.

    Rugby Rules

    1. Yes it's a pretty astounding statistic.

      If you judge sporting talent on merit though, I find it similarly astounding that England will be the world's best paid rugby team...and by quite a distance too:


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  3. Their different games, but football is more popular. Regardless I think the thing about sport is that we should stop debating over which is better and appreciate that they are different and some prefer one thing and others prefer the other thing. It's life! It would be bloody boring if everybody liked the same thing. I think rugby sets a better example than football though, less money/more resepect for the ref etc

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  10. I prefer football over rugby

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