2 May 2012

Welsh rugby the moral standard-bearers

It appears that not all rugby players spend their free time embarking on alcohol fuelled rampages around town (a la Zac Guildford) or throwing dwarves across a bar (a la Mike Tindall) as the media might suggest. Some seem to follow Graham Henry's old mantra that "Better people make better rugby players".

It is well known that former Wales captain Gareth Thomas has led the charge against homophobia in sport in recent years; being one of the few openly gay professional sportsmen when he came out during his stint in rugby league. He has been rightly applauded for his bravery.

Now it seems that a former team mate of his (pictured on left) and a current star of the welsh rugby team, Adam Jones, will also be taking a  stance on an important matter which is close to his heart. Jones will be calling on all men to speak up for womens' rights in a campaign being launched at the Welsh Assembly, it was heard today.

Speaking to the BBC, the Ospreys star, capped 80 times by his country said:

"Violence against women is unacceptable. It's about time that this is seen not just as a women's issue - but something we should all be doing our bit to put an end to. We all need to play a part in changing our communities so that women and girls across Wales are free from fear of violence. I'm proud to be a man who stands up for what's right, and i'm calling on all other men to do the same."

Adam Jones, like his former captain, is a role model and the more players like that we have in rugby union, the better our game will be for it. Well done to him...it appears that the current Welsh contingent are a class act off the pitch as well as on it.


  1. As a Welsh rugby supporter, I believe one contributing factor to the current success is the fact that all the players are down to earth and lack the arrogance some others openly display. The fact Adam Jones has done this proves the point. Also I am the creator of RugbyUnionBlog so check it out and get in contact.

    1. I don't disagree George. However I have never really had the impression that the Wales team were arrogant. I feel a more contributing factor has been their increase in self belief, which admittedly is perhaps due to their increased skill levels and athleticism in comparison to past players.

      I read a few posts of your blog. Keep up the good work.I will definitely come back to it if posts are regular.

    2. Thank you Phil. However I didn't mean I thought some of the Welsh players were arrogant I was attempting to refer to some world players, it didn't come across as this when I read over it again, I meant the fact Adam Jones has done this is proving the point the Welsh players aren't arrogant.

    3. Ah I see. Well I certainly agree that the current crop are a pretty humble lot..so as a welshman you can be proud.

  2. Fair play to him. Always liked the way he played and carried himself both on & off the field.